Your rights

Godofexchange sends marketing notifications when the User has agreed to receive them . You have the right to opt out of receiving promotional communications by email or otherwise. You can also click on the unsubscribe link that is attached to every email or email us to indicate that you do not wish to receive marketing communications.

In accordance with the current legislation on data protection, the User has the following rights in relation to personal data:

  1. Right of access – the Client may request confirmation of what we are processing, i.e. any personal data;
  2. The right to data portability - in some cases, it is required that the company provide a copy of user data in a structured and generally accepted form.
  3. Right to rectification - a request may be made to correct, update incomplete or inaccurate user data.
  4. The right to restrict processing - you can demand to restrict the use of user data in individual cases when considering a request submitted by the Client.
  5. Right to deletion - The user has the right to demand the deletion of his data in various circumstances, for example, when the company collected this data on the basis of the consent provided, but it was withdrawn.
  6. Right to withdraw consent – the Client may give consent to the processing of his data, as well as withdraw such consent.

In order to protect privacy and maintain security, Godofexchange conducts preliminary identity verification until such time as it can satisfy the submitted request.


How we protect user data

Our company provides technical, administrative and physical guarantees aimed at protecting user data from illegal, sudden and unauthorized destruction, loss of access, deliberate disclosure of information. Service providers who are able to access the information provided to provide services on behalf of our company are required to keep such information confidential and apply adequate security measures to ensure that such information is not used for any other purpose.

For your own protection and safety, we recommend that you do not share sensitive personal information, including credit card numbers or other personal information, on suspicious sites.

Our company website ( ) is hosted in a secure environment. The website"s systems use state-of-the-art data encryption (scrambling) technologies and industrial grade firewalls. When recording personal information manually, the data is protected by Secure technology Socket Layer (SSL) to keep the transmission secure.


How to contact us

If the User has any questions (comments, suggestions) regarding the presented Privacy Policy, the use of cookies , or you want your personal data to be updated, you want to exercise your rights (described above), then please write to our specialists by e-mail indicated on the site.


Permission to use

Our company collects and uses the user information that you provide to us in the chosen way. The data provided must comply with the rules provided in this Privacy Policy, or comply with the requirements for the provision of this information. In the course of providing personal information by you (submitting a personal request), the use of the received information takes place in the context of the specified purposes. By voluntarily providing your information to our company, you by default consent to its free use in accordance with the rules specified in this Privacy Policy, or disclosure in other places when voluntarily providing this information.


Withdrawal of consent

If, after allowing the use of personal information, you decide that you no longer want the company to include you in the mailing list or otherwise contact you, use your personal information in accordance with the rules specified in the Policy or on the website, then it is enough to inform us about such a decision by sending an email or clicking on "Unsubscribe" (the button is attached to the email sent to you by mail).


Safe use

To protect the personal information of the Client, the administration of the web resource takes timely and effective measures. We have developed a whole range of measures to prevent the use of individual information by fraudsters. Thus, the leakage of personal information is minimized. However, there is no 100% guarantee that attackers will not get to personal information, so the User must store passwords in a safe place and not share them with anyone.