1. General points

1.1 This agreement is decisive for the procedure for the provision of services in the field of exchanging digital assets using the service.

1.2 The definition of "user" or "customer" means a natural or legal person carrying out transactions through the portal.

1.3 Both parties sign a confirmation that the portal is legally valid and can act as an evidence base, as well as an identical contract on paper.

1.4 The client confirms that, using the application or service, he has read and accepted this agreement before the start of active actions.

1.5 Any active actions with the resource will be regarded as consent to undergo the identification procedure.


2. Subject of the contract

2.1 This portal provides the necessary list of services, which are clearly stated in clause 9 of this agreement.

2.2 The client accepts the services and pays for them within the agreed terms of the contract.


3. Rights and obligations of both parties

3.1 Service for the provision of services undertakes:

3.1.1 Carry out the procedure for converting digital assets using online payments using partner payment systems.

3.1.2 Implement the procedure for technical and information support of clients for the efficient conduct of operations.

3.1.3 Ensure a high level of security of personal data and information on payments, as well as provide them at the request of the client.

3.1.4 As part of the Privacy Policy, do not provide data to third parties, except for:

  • receiving an appeal from a judicial authority located at the location of the portal;
  • sending an official request from law enforcement agencies or regulatory organizations;
  • appeals of partner services that help to conduct transactions.

3.1.5 Inform the client about possible discounts and promotions.

3.1.6 funds to the customer"s account under this agreement.

3.2 Obligations envisaged for the user:

3.2.1 Provide the necessary information and details for the implementation of the transfer.

3.2.2 To carry out the indication of reliable data for communication and during the identification of an individual at the first request of the portal administration.

3.2.3 Ensure that you receive notifications from the administration of the resource by e-mail, as well as have direct access to the Internet for efficient work. Use reliable anti-virus programs to create additional protection.

3.2.4 Comply with all terms of the agreement.

3.2.5 Notify the service department of errors or partial non-receipt of funds to the client"s account. These messages must be sent no later than one month from the moment the problem was discovered. If the item is not fulfilled, the funds will be considered the property of the portal.

3.2.6 Comply with all laws and regulations governing online money transfers.

3.2.7 Do not use tools and systems to ensure traffic increases.

3.2.8 Provide a guarantee to the company that at the time of using the portal the client has reached the age of majority. This parameter is determined by the legal framework of the user"s country of residence.

3.2.9 Monitor the security of your personal account and notify of illegal operations or attacks by third parties.

3.3 Rights of the online service for translation:

3.3.1 The Portal may temporarily stop operation to introduce improvements or correct errors in operation.

3.3.2 In case of receiving a complaint about fraudulent activities, interrupt exchange operations until all circumstances are clarified.

3.3.3 Implement the installation of discounts and bonuses at your discretion.

3.3.4 Calculate tariffication and the size of the commission for the exchange operation.

3.3.5 Deny any user the provision of services without explanation.

3.3.6 Receive from the client information about the success of the operation in any convenient way.

3.3.7 Interrupt communication in case of a conversation not on the topic of work, as well as in the event of a violation of the norms of polite communication.

3.3.8 If there are suspicions of illegal enrichment of the user, participation in a fraudulent scheme, violation of laws, sponsorship of terrorist organizations and other illegal actions, block all transactions and the client"s personal account until the circumstances are clarified.

3.3.9 Require the client to provide a full package of documents for the implementation of the verification procedure.


4. What services does the portal provide

4.1 Using the service, you can exchange digital assets of various payment systems, including bitcoin. Also available to work with banking institutions.

4.2 The Portal has the right to verify the legality of ownership of assets that are used in the exchange.


5. Norms for conducting exchange operations

5.1 Transactions are carried out after receiving funds from the client for their implementation. If the transfer was not made within 20 minutes from the moment the application was submitted, then it can be canceled automatically. In the case of a procedure with cryptocurrency, the waiting period increases to 90 minutes. The application will be processed at the exchange rate at the time of receipt of the transfer.

5.2 After the funds are sent to the beneficiary"s account, the operation is considered completed.

5.3 The client cannot carry out the cancellation or refund procedure if the process has been started.

5.4 If the transfer amount is higher or lower than specified in the application, the operation is suspended. After contacting the administration, the transfer is carried out upon receipt of funds. In this case, the exchange rate at the time of receiving the currency will be taken into account.

5.5 If inactive details were used during designation, the operation stops. The client receives back the entire amount. Additionally, there is a deduction of funds as a commission for the exchange and a penalty in the form of two percent of the volume.

5.6 If the notes to the translation are changed, the procedure stops. The client receives the money back after the appeal, and one percent of the commission is withheld from the amount.

5.7 When working with bitcoins, the confirmation time is regulated by the system. This may take from fifteen minutes to several days. This time will depend on the system load. In this case, the service is not responsible for the delay.


6. Guarantees of the parties and their liability

6.1 The service is not responsible in case of its misuse. At the same time, it does not return funds if the client specified the details with an error.

6.2 The Portal is not responsible for losses and damages resulting from breakdowns that occurred on the client"s equipment or other elements used for translation.

6.3 The resource cannot be responsible for all the actions of banking and payment systems that were received as a result of an error in their software and hardware, as well as a delay in payment on their part.

6.4 This service is not responsible for the costs and losses that have been received as a result of an erroneous understanding of the operation of the resource. Tariffs, profitability and other subjective factors must be taken into account prior to commencement of operations.

6.5 This portal cannot be held responsible for the costs or loss of funds if data is entered with an error, which led to a delay in payment or transfer to another account.

6.6 The client confirms that he is the legal owner of the assets he has. He must also give a guarantee that if there is another owner, he has the right to dispose of these funds.

6.7 The User undertakes to compensate for the losses of other clients if his actions became the direct cause of their occurrence.

6.8 The client must provide guarantees that at the time of the procedure he is an adult. Age is taken into account based on the laws of the country in which the user is located at the time of work. If he is younger, then his presence on the service will be illegal, he must leave it immediately.

6.9 The client provides guarantees for the termination of the use of the portal immediately if the legislation in his country prohibits or considers a ban on blocking work with cryptocurrencies.

6.10 The user in every possible way confirms his consent and guarantees that he will not use this resource in illegal activities related to fraud, sponsorship of terrorism or other illegal activities.

6.11 The Client is fully responsible for all processes that he implements using the service or its applications for mobile devices.

6.12 The Client undertakes to be fully responsible for the full payment of tax fees, if such are provided for at the legislative level when carrying out a particular operation. The service does not track these parameters.

6.13 On the part of the user, there must be confirmation that he will not support or direct any client of the company or third parties to engage in illegal activities. The list of prohibited transactions can be viewed in the legislation of the country where the client is located.

6.14 The Client must confirm that by no means will he try to access data that is not related to him.

6.15 The user guarantees that he will not interfere with the operation of the service software, decompile it or hack it in any way.

6.16 The Client undertakes not to conduct exchange transactions using this resource or to pay with digital assets obtained as a result of illegal actions in the form of fraud, laundering, participation in terrorist activities, and so on. The user guarantees that all assets of the cryptocurrency market are legally obtained.


7. Changes to this document

7.1 The administration of this service has the full right to carry out the procedure for making changes or additions to the clauses of the agreement with subsequent notification of customers. They are activated immediately after publication.


8. Emergencies

8.1 The parties are not responsible for the unfulfilled terms of the contract if this happened due to reasons beyond their control (fire, flood, natural disasters, act of God, changes in legislation, the presence of war, terrorist operations, rallies, civil unrest and unrest, power outages or failures in Internet access).


9. Mandatory norms for work

9.1 It is forbidden to use the resource for illegal and fraudulent activities. By signing the contract, the client agrees that if he is caught in an attempt to exchange dubious assets, he will be punished in accordance with the legislation of the state in whose territory he is located or in the territory of which the operation was carried out.

9.2 The Service may transfer personal data about the client to third parties as an evidence base. They are sent to the supervisory authority, the investigative committee and the victim.

9.3 Mandatory exchange is carried out subject to the withdrawal of assets belonging to the client from his personal electronic wallet. The client is responsible for the reliability and legality of receiving these funds, since the portal is not authorized to conduct checks.

9.4 The Company is not responsible for operations performed by third parties on behalf of the client.

9.5 The user signs this agreement by clicking the "I agree" button. By this he undertakes to follow all the rules and regulations.

9.6 The client must go through the verification and identification procedure before making any exchange operation. A complete list of actions is specified in paragraph 10 of this Agreement.


10. Personal identification procedure

10.1 If you wish to use the services of the portal to carry out the procedure for exchanging or transferring funds, the user of the service confirms his consent to the process of identifying the person at the first request from the administration of the resource.

10.2 Technical support employees have the right to send a request for the provision of any personal information about the client, regardless of the volume. The user must provide all documents that will be necessary for the effective implementation of verification. This list may include the following options:

10.2.1 Full surname, name and patronymic of the client who is being verified.

10.2.2 Information about the citizenship of the client.

10.2.3 Passport data in full. The client is obliged to indicate the series, number, issuing office, registration and other necessary information.

10.2.4 Information about the date and place of birth of the user.

10.2.5 Data on the exact registration of the client according to the passport, as well as the place of his actual residence in case of discrepancies in the data.

10.2.6 The user must provide contact information for communication. He will need an email address, personal phone number, postal address and any other options that will help to contact him.

10.2.7 For verification, the client will need to take a photo of the passport, ID-card or foreign passport of your choice.

10.2.8 To confirm that the document was not obtained illegally, the owner must send his photo with an open passport. The image must be clear, as the service staff will make comparisons.

10.2.9 If a foreign passport is used for verification, then to confirm registration and place of residence, the client will need to provide a photo of the utility bill.

10.2.10 The Service may request any other personal data for complete identification of the individual.

10.3 All addresses of virtual wallets used by clients to implement transactions undergo an automatic AML verification procedure.

10.4 The administration of the online portal has the right to request a full confirmation of the user"s identity in the event that the address of his virtual wallet is in one way or another associated with companies on the list of undesirable.

If one of the links is confirmed, then after full personal identification, the funds used to complete the transaction will be transferred to the sender"s address. From this amount, a percentage of the commission that the portal will spend to implement the return will be deducted.

10.5 All data received will be used to verify and confirm the identity of the client of the online service. They are necessary to detect and confirm illegal actions related to money laundering, carrying out the procedure for financing terrorist operations, the implementation of fraudulent activities and other types of financial crimes that were carried out using the functionality of the portal, its additional resources or mobile applications.

10.6 The service will collect information and transfer it on the basis of the rules of the Privacy Policy. They are aimed at obtaining data about the user. At the same time, all conditions for providing protection and ensuring the safety of information will be provided at the maximum level. Third parties will not be able to obtain data for the implementation of illegal activities.

10.7 The client provides his consent and gives the right to authorize the keeping of records of all information received during verification throughout the entire period of activity of the personal account on the company portal. Additionally, the data remains stored for five years after the account is closed. These rules are prescribed by international standards.

10.8 The client provides consent for the service to conduct all required investigations and checks independently or with the involvement of third parties. These actions are necessary to protect the user himself, verify his identity, and keep the resource safe from the implementation of financial crimes or fraudulent schemes through him. Third parties may be provided with KYC services or other data options. The user cannot set a restriction for the selection.

10.9 After completing the identity verification procedure, the client must independently monitor the relevance of the transmitted data. In case of changes in the information in the future, he must provide all new documents to the technical support of the portal. Employees will enter new information and adjust the collection of files. Additionally, the process of changing personal data can be carried out through your personal account. In the event that the service has doubts about the relevance of the information, it can implement the actions from clause 3.3.9 of this agreement.

10.10 If communication between the employees of the portal administration and the client using the contact details that were provided during verification or registration on the resource cannot be carried out, then the company has the right to completely suspend all operations and transactions, as well as block the account. The Client is solely responsible for all losses, damages and expenses incurred during the time limit. By signing this agreement, the user confirms his full consent to the fact that only he bears the necessary responsibility for the accuracy of personal data and the timely introduction of changes when they occur.

10.11 By going through the full identity verification procedure, the client grants his permission to the portal to implement any processes in his respect. They can be chosen at the discretion of the resource administration. When conducting inspections and investigations, the company may hire and involve third parties in working with data, transfer information about the client to them.